Re: Autocompletion for GtkEntry

On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 20:58, Ricardo Fernández Pascual wrote:
>   Hi,
>     I have been working on a posible set of classes to add
> autocompletion to GtkEntry. See the following thread in gnome-hackers
> for some context:
>     The currently implemented classes are based on the autocompletion
> existing in galeon. It already works and the design is easy to use (I
> think) and extensible.
>     Several completion sources can be supported. There is already one
> example that uses gnome-vfs and other two used internally in galeon.
>     I plan to commit my current work to libegg soon to allow more people
> to look at it. The current snapshot is here:
> and
> (patch for makefiles)
>     It currently implements (among several auxiliar classes and
> interfaces described in the little README) an EggEntry that inherits
> from GtkEntry. To be truly useful, I think that this functionality
> should be moved to GtkEntry itself. EggEntry behaves just like a
> standard GtkEntry when there are no completion sources.
>     I am looking for comments to improve the prototype api and to fix
> any usability or accessibility that may be.

I didn't read the source, but I did a bit of browsing through the
document you attached to your mail to gnome-hackers. I have this feeling
wondering if this completion-thing is suitable for gtk+. I see your
point that having a general completion-thing would help consistency, but
I really wonder if such an advanced completion-thing belongs in gtk+.
It's advanced, big and complex, I wonder how many apps would need such
an advanced completion feature.

Note that I don't want to promote my own thing here, but I'm feeling
that having a small and simple completion-thing would be more suited for
gtk+. It would be good enough for most gnome apps (including nautilus),
but not galeon. Completion for internetbrowsers remains difficult and
very specific IMHO.

So this is just how I feel about it, I know that I don't have any real
arguments. But I would love to know how others think about this.



> Cheers,
> Ricardo
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