Re: atk,pango,gtk+/cygwin

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> Stefan Ondrejicka writes:
>  > * pango/pango-utils.c: use DllMain also on cygwin
>  >   pango_get_sysconf_subdirectory(): 
>  >   pango_get_lib_subdirectory(): on cygwin optionaly return standard "unix"
>  >   path or "win32" path
> I am not sure this is a good idea. On Unix, it is normal that binary
> distributions of software like GTK+ or Pange contain hardcoded paths,
> and that they must be installed in a location chosen by the person who
> configured and compiled the package. As Cygwin is supposed to look and
> work like Unix, it should be OK to use the Unix hardcoded path
> principle in GTK+, Pango etc for Cygwin.
> Software distribuuted with Cygwin requires that you have stuff where
> the Cygwin packagers want them to be. For instance, groff requires
> that the fonts are in /usr/share/groff/1.17.2/font.
> I.e., I think it's OK to use the Unix-style "hardcoded paths only"
> approach on Cygwin, and not use the Win32 "deduce installation
> directory from DLL location" as a fallback. If some end-user *has* to
> install something in a non-standard place, for instance because of
> disk space issues, he can always set up a symbolic link so that the
> stuff still is available from the hardcoded path.
> But that's only my feeling, and I am not really a heavy-duty Cygwin
> person. It would probably be best to ask on the Cygwin list what
> people think. I won't apply that part of your patch until I have had
> some more opinions... (Please forward whatever consesus might be
> reached on the Cygwin list to me or to this list, I am not on the
> Cygwin list.)

This behaviour is not required for the programs distributed with cygwin
itself. It is rather required when you want distribute cygwin runtime with
required DLLs, configs with your own application. For example I am
developing pavuk and windows binaries I am packaging inside instalation
package also cygwin runtime + some of required libraries. With gtk+-1.3
versions it was easy, I built static libraries of glib and gtk and
linked it with pavuk. Now with the modularized pango, immodules and
gdk-pixbuf it is quite harder, so this is way which alow me and other
programers to include gtk+ into installers of their programs without
dependence on cygwin instalation. I understand that regular cygwin users
wan't need this feature, but some do. (sorry for my poor english)

Best regrads,

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