Re: Question on Gdkpixbuf

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 06:37:48PM +0100, Stephane Chauveau wrote:
> Salman Sheikh wrote:
> >I don't know if this is the right list, but here goes.
> >
> >I am compiling gnome 2.0 for solaris. I have gotten up to the point of 
> >compiling gnome applications like gnome-terminal.
> >Whenever I try to run any of the apps, I get the following error followed 
> >by a bug crash window 
> >
> >$gnome-terminal
> >
> >(gnome-terminal:27312): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Error parsing loader info in 
> >'/opt/sis/gnome-2.0/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders'
> > "BM" "" 100
> > 
> >
> I had the same problem a few weeks ago with a garnome release.
> I couldn't explain it so I just removed the complete BMP entry from the 
> file.
> No support for BMP files. Not a big deal!
> The strange part is that the exact same release was working fine on 
> another system.

What version of glib were you using when you ran into this problem? I believe
the change I made fixes this:

Fri Oct 18 13:44:24 2002  Manish Singh  <yosh gimp org>

        * glib/giochannel.c (g_io_channel_read_line_backend): avoid
        creating negative values out of unsigned values using MAX,
        check to see if the result would be positive before doing
        the calculation.

which is in the 2.0.7 release (or CVS HEAD).


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