Re: Quick GTK+ 2.0.8

Arnaud Charlet <charlet ACT-Europe FR> writes:

> > Looks like we need to do a quick 2.0.8 to fix the 
> > io-gif.c problem; has anybody seen anything else that 
> > should go into this release?
> Yes, a simple fix for windows:
> --- glib/glib/glib.def.old      2002-11-05 11:52:22 +0100
> +++ glib/glib/glib.def  2002-11-05 11:52:35 +0100
> @@ -333,6 +333,7 @@
>  	g_main_loop_ref
>  	g_main_loop_run
>  	g_main_loop_unref
> +	g_main_thread_init
>  	g_malloc
>  	g_malloc0
>  	g_markup_error_quark

As you noted, this is a glib issue. I wasn't planning
to do a GLib-2.0.8, though it isn't a bit deal .... but
before I do this, I'm curious about how building GLib
is out of the box on Windows? 

My experience in this regard was, hmm, painful; and 
so I'd expect that almost everybody is using Tor's 
prebuilt binaries. 

If that's still the case, then there may not be much 
point in doing release to just fix a tiny thing like


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