XINPUT question - porting to new Xserver

I'm trying to get gtk happy with an XINPUT module I'm writing for Xsun.
My overall goal is, "Make GIMP happy with my wacom tablet".

The way I understand it, this completely boils down to gtk issues, so thats
why I'm asking here. I'm very new to XINPUT stuff, so please be patient
with me.

So far, I've written a kernel driver, and an Xsun XINPUT module.
Things work enough so that a trivial prog with XListInputDevices() shows 
Number of devices is 3

As far as gtk goes, the "Input Devices" dialog of GIMP shows my tablet as a
'TABLET' device, when gtk/gdk is configured --with-xinput=gxi, and
shows the three axises.

When I RUN gxid, though, I get errors about 
  "Bad length for ClaimDevice"

I tried configuring --with-xinput=xfree, but unfortunately, thats a no-go

Any suggestions for the best way to debug this situation would be
Xsun is supposed to have XINPUT client-side events identical to a
vanilly server, so I was very disappointed to run into problems at
this stage.

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