Re: XINPUT question - porting to new Xserver

well, looks like I've figured out the biggie on my own.

seems like the "generic Xinput" support, via gxid, is NOT what I wanted
after all.

After fixing a bug in my extension module ;-> seems like the
configure --xinput=xfree
is working for me, with Xsun.

So now I'm working on figuring out why, even though my standalone test
program shows 'pressure' data coming through successfully on axis 3, and
gimp being set to use axis 3 as pressure... nothing ever gets actually
drawn, even after I change the brush to an actual 'brush'.

I guess from here on in, its probably gimp-specific issues. But it would be
nice if someone in the know would chime in

FYI: when I release the driver, which should ideally be in a day or two,
it will be on

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