Re: Lots of warnings when compiling GTK+ 2.x.x


I suspect you're getting those warnings due to no type declaration of Xlib functions. If so, there're patches for it. Please download the latest X11 patch - 108652-51 or newer for
Solaris8 SPARC - from the SunSolve Online.


I'm compiling GTK+ 2.0.3 on Solaris 8 with Sun C/C++ 5.0.

I'm getting lots of prototype mismatch warnings, as well as assignment
mismatches and other minor messages. To be more specific, I get
approximately xx warnings.

I don't think any of these are a real problem, however, it does make me
wonder if there is something wrong with my environment. Is anyone else
getting  this number of warnings when compiling on Solaris? Or, are these
valid issues that need to be fixed?

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this and would be more than willing to help
resolve this.



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