Re: Lots of warnings when compiling GTK+ 2.x.x

Hi David,

There are issues with the X header files as they are different from XSun
to XFree.

I would hope this is the main source of error as already fixed a lot of 
warnings for CC 5.0 see
for details.


>From: "David L. Cooper II" <cooperdl worldnet att net>
>To: <gtk-devel-list gnome org>
>Subject: Lots of warnings when compiling GTK+ 2.x.x
>I'm compiling GTK+ 2.0.3 on Solaris 8 with Sun C/C++ 5.0.
>I'm getting lots of prototype mismatch warnings, as well as assignment
>mismatches and other minor messages. To be more specific, I get
>approximately xx warnings.
>I don't think any of these are a real problem, however, it does make me
>wonder if there is something wrong with my environment. Is anyone else
>getting  this number of warnings when compiling on Solaris? Or, are these
>valid issues that need to be fixed?
>I'd appreciate any thoughts on this and would be more than willing to help
>resolve this.
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