Re: Newbie Install Problem

Sven Neumann wrote:
please don't confuse people by telling such nonsense. Let me try to
clear this up:

Hello Sven, Jeffrey & List,

Sorry for this mistake, of course i was wrong. In fact, i am developing right now w/ GTK2 and had some trouble in the past with the 1.2 branch. But one from another list sent me a file "gtk-1.2.30.tgz" that worked for me. Thus, blindly, i took this version as reference w/o prechecking if this version really exists. So someone mistakenly gave this tarball a wrong name. Sorry again, it was not my intention to confuse anyone here.

However, Jeffrey, i can tell you that GTK+ 2.0x really rocks and works very well, so you may try this for development purposes.



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