Re: Thoughts on combo replacement

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 06:05:18PM -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Joel Becker <jlbec evilplan org> writes:
> > 	Given that the operations are "pop-up choices" and "set selected
> > choice", we might want to consider generic API points that allow someone
> > to set up their widget.  The person provides a widget to display or a
> > function to call when the combo box's button is pressed, and the API
> > provides a way for that widget to set the combo box's value when it's
> I agree with your point that the operations of selecting from the list
> is fundementally a menu-like operation. And I think that this suggestion
> about the API (which is how the Gal widget works) directly goes against
> that... if arbitrary content is added to the widget, there is no way we can 
> make it display or behave exactly like a menu.

	Grr.  Yeah, you are right about that.  I *do* see items like the
pop-up color pickers, font-stylers, and the like being of use in
toolbars.  I use such UI.  However, I don't think we should be adding a
million API of fluff.  The MacKiDo article makes a good point that the
problems with the combo box (from an HI standpoint) are due to
complexity and disparate forms of operation.  I don't know how to
support the gridded color picker *and* the generic menu without adding
separate API for both.  This is API for each type we decide fits, and
that can grow quickly.



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