Re: GTK+-2.x planning

I have been going over the old pre-2.0 TODO list (TODO.xml) watching for 
things which
are AFAIK not done yet, but haven't been mentioned in this thread:

- cursors (add commonly-used ones missing from the std X cursor font), see 
also #69436
- "what's this" - style online help. I guess this goes together with 
reworking tooltips.
- widget as sensitivity/grab machine 
- session management (is this really needed at the GTK level ? I think 
- supply horizontable/vertical wrapping boxes (is this what you mean with 
  geometry management ?)
- entry validation hooks (I've mentioned this already)
- pseudo-MDI widget
- stack widget
- cleaned up notebook widget
- dock widget

Which of these are still considered as TODOs ?


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