Re: GTK+-2.x planning

"Matthias Clasen" <Matthias Clasen poet de> writes: 
> - cursors (add commonly-used ones missing from the std X cursor font), see 
> also #69436

Still a good idea perhaps.

> - "what's this" - style online help. I guess this goes together with 
> reworking tooltips.


> - widget as sensitivity/grab machine 

May require ABI breakage

> - session management (is this really needed at the GTK level ? I think 
> not)

I have mixed feelings.

> - supply horizontable/vertical wrapping boxes (is this what you mean with 
> height-for-width 
>   geometry management ?)

no height-for-width is to e.g. make label wrapping work correctly. 
It's essentially adding a method to GtkWidget that asks the widget
what height it would be for a given width.

> - entry validation hooks (I've mentioned this already)

Still needed.

> - pseudo-MDI widget

Still needed.

> - stack widget

I'm not sure how this is different from a tabless borderless notebook.

> - cleaned up notebook widget

Was somewhat done for 2.0, probably can't be finished until 3.0.

> - dock widget


The dock widget, MDI widget, and possibly "main application window"
widget all sort of go together, in that they have to form a coherent
overall API. They are entangled in the menu/toolbar stuff as well.


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