Re: GTK+-2.x planning

"Matthias Clasen" <Matthias Clasen poet de> writes:

> I have been going over the old pre-2.0 TODO list (TODO.xml) watching for 
> things which
> are AFAIK not done yet, but haven't been mentioned in this thread:

I'd like to get rid of TODO.xml (and TODO and gdk/TODO which, in
theory, should already be empty of useful items) ... and just use
bugzilla, so we should add bugs for any items in there which aren't
in bugzilla already.
> - cursors (add commonly-used ones missing from the std X cursor font), see 
> also #69436
> - "what's this" - style online help. I guess this goes together with 
> reworking tooltips.

> - widget as sensitivity/grab machine 

Investigation of this tactic for fixing grab problems really didn't 
prove useful (it's an extrodinairly complex state machine if a state
machine) so we just went with the simple/lame approach of making
sure that notificatinon was provided where necessary for widgets.

> - session management (is this really needed at the GTK level ? I think 
> not)

I think it may well make sense at the GTK+ level... it's something
that doesn't depend on desktop infrastructure beyond what is standardized
on a platform level.. plus with current trends, I think you'd have
a lot of people just not session managing to avoid linking with

> - supply horizontable/vertical wrapping boxes (is this what you mean with 
> height-for-width 
>   geometry management ?)

This is about particular widgets that Tim wrote ... they can be
found in beast/bse/bsewidgets or somethign like that.

They get a _lot_ more useful when you do have height-for-width
geometry management, though, and the lack of height-for-width is one
reason they weren't added for 2.0.

> - entry validation hooks (I've mentioned this already)
> - pseudo-MDI widget

This would be a IDE-style interactively rearrangeable pane widget...
not clear if this is generally useful enough to belong in GTK+.

> - stack widget

Turned out that GtkNotebook worked fine and a separate stack widget
wasn't necessary.

> - cleaned up notebook widget

Not a priority as I would consider it... notebook is a mess internally
(though much better than 1.2), but works well enough.

> - dock widget

Havoc mentioned this earlier in the thread.


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