Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Hi all,

> GTK+-2.2:
> * Multihead support
> * Official Win32 port
> * Fully usable RTL editing  (#73307, #70451, #50770)
> * Xft2 support for Pango
> * OpenType Indic shapers for Pango

What do you think implement the Canvas support to GTK+? Actually, I use
the GnomeCanvas library for this, but I think better that Canvas support
for GTK+.

I look in the Internet, and I found five implementations for Canvas:

- GnomeCanvas
- DiaCanvas
- Dia-newcanvas
- Sodipodi Canvas
- GtkCanvas (basically the re-writte for GnomeCanvas)

And I think that we can resolve this, implementing the Canvas support to
GTK+ library (GtkCanvas objects).

An example:

And now, I have a question: (sorry if seem a stupid idea)

Why the GObject library not is used in the GLib objects? For example:


And implement more methods to GObject, for example:

/* Test is two objects are equals. */
gboolean	(*equal)	(GObject *object1, GObject *object2);

/* Duplicate the Object */
GObject*	(*clone)	(GObject *object1);

I think these ideas more OO-like, like Java API.

Thanks for your attention (and sorry for my poor English! :) )


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