Re: GtkSheet

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 21:29, Adrian Feiguin wrote:
> You mean maybe a basic table widget like the one included in QT, with the
> basic memory management and very basic features. GtkSheet is not heavier
> than gtkclist or ctree (actually I think is lighter). Besides, as I said
> before, gtksheet has proven during the last two years to be very robust,
> and adding it to the distro wouldn't require much work. OF course I don't
> know what the team has in mind, it was a suggestion, and the gtksheet
> support will continue regardless what, until an equivalent widget comes up
> to replace it.

My concern is not so much that GtkSheet is too heavy or in some way
bloated for GTK+, I just think that it is a bit out of place.  It seems
like a nice widget, but realistically it doesn't seem very applicable to
almost any applications that I can think of that rely upon GTK+.  For
those rare applications that need something like this, they can just
link to whatever lib in GTK+Extra provides it with very little extra

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