Tony Gale <gale gtk org> writes:

> My issues with this are:
> 	1. It looks really horrible.

It'd be nice to clean up the DTD a bit, anyway.

> 	2. It needs to link into the GTK web site, like the current one.

What do you mean by this?

> The FAQ is not an API reference. It is a FAQ, and is really aimed to be
> integrated and read as part of the web site, rather than a document that
> is referenced from the web site. I hope you get the distinction from my
> description.

The current documentation goes far beyond API reference, especially when
the tutorial is moved in.  Additionally, if the FAQ helps people find
their way around the documentation, that's a real improvement.

> I spent a great deal of time fighting with the docbook DTD in order to
> get the FAQ and tutorial looking reasonable, because I think it is
> important.

Sounds good.  Can you help roll these back into the DTD's we use for


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