My issues with this are:
	1. It looks really horrible.
	2. It needs to link into the GTK web site, like the current one.

The FAQ is not an API reference. It is a FAQ, and is really aimed to be
integrated and read as part of the web site, rather than a document that
is referenced from the web site. I hope you get the distinction from my

I spent a great deal of time fighting with the docbook DTD in order to
get the FAQ and tutorial looking reasonable, because I think it is


On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 16:55, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> I think it would be good to merge the current FAQ into the main
> documentation, so that we can consolidate our documentation a bit more.
> The real advantage of this is we can cross-reference them easily with
> the rest of the docs, this way.
> If no one else volunteers, I'd like to go through this weekend and start
> moving the appropriate 1.2 FAQ's over to the new FAQ.  Suggestions?
> Objection?
> For reference, here's the old FAQ:
> and here's the start of the new, GTK-2.0 specific one:
> Thanks,
> -Jonathan

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