Re: pango cvs with gtk-doc

"ROUGE Alain" <Alain ROUGE enac fr> writes:

> make install problem in pango-cvs with gtk-doc installed
> Hi,
> I've a LinuxFromScratch platform with a broken openjade. (in fact no 
> db2html).
> I've installed gtk-doc from cvs (2002-03-04).
> I've compiled the whole gtk+ chain from cvs (2002-03-04).
> I don't disable gtk-doc during install of pango, atk, gtk+:
> --prefix=/opt/gtk2 && make && make install
> It works for all packages except for pango.
> problem during make install in pango/docs/.
> I've to replace pango/docs/Makefile with a hand made Makefile (just 
> install: )
> that's a bit weird.

Fixed, thanks.

Thu Mar  7 14:42:50 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor redhat com>

	* As we do in other modules, default to
	--disable-gtk-doc, and run the check we used to do
	for the default when the --enable-gtk-doc is specified.
	(Alain Rouge)

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