Re: broken accelerator changes

Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes: 
> changing a single key may cause multiplte accel map entries to change
> at once.

That's fine, you just propagate it to all apps. It doesn't hurt
> > Right now notification of accel path changes involves a mess of code
> > to create a fake accel group full of fake accel closures, and a
> > reverse map from the fake closures to accel paths.
> this aproach is uterly insane. either you hack on an accel map
> editor within gtk+ and can make use of private API extensions that
> way, or you don't tackle that task at this stage at all.
> the current API is simply not designed for third party notification,
> so don't do it.

I already did it, it works more or less OK. There are some corner
cases that aren't handled quite as I'd like but they aren't going to
happen much in practice.

> it'd be wise to post a proposal for an implementation

The implementation I have is just a special-case hack for
gnome-terminal, it's certainly not a reasonable generic setup.  The
generic setup needs to be planned in the context of the overall menu


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