Re: broken accelerator changes

Havoc Pennington wrote:

nope, it's broken to limit accelerator changes to yet another menu

Accel changes need not be limited to a new menu API.

We can extend the accel map API to make it possible to easily write a
more generic accel editor, at least potentially; the accel map needs
notification of changes, and it needs human-readable names for the
accel paths. If it had those then you could edit it directly with an
accel editor dialog.

In the jhmenu module, there is an accel editing dialog widget. It works entirely through the accel map (so it works with my action based menu code, GtkItemFactory and GnomeUIInfo). Currently it just shows a list of accel paths with their associated accels, but this would probably look better as a tree. Havoc is right that localised labels for the accel paths would be useful.

What havoc seems to want is a way to use the copy of accels in GConf as the "model", rather than as a view of the accel map. When changes to one accel can cause changes to other entries, and there isn't an easy way to get notification of all changes to the accel map, it is a bit difficult to use the copy in GConf as a view.


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