tooltips reworking?

After trying to get tooltips to display for an individual row in a
GtkTreeView and finding it impossible (the rows are not GtkWidgets, and
since the tooltip location is relative to the widget, rather than the
mouse, a tooltip changed based on the row information is displayed
nowhere near the row, among other issues with this approach . . .) I
poked around bugzilla to see if anyone else was having similar issues
and discovered #50619 "Rework Tooltips."  The bug hasn't had any
activity since the end of February, so I thought I'd poke the list to
see if the tooltips reworking had had any activity thus far.

On a related note, it seems to me that while placing the tooltip outside
the allocated area for a widget makes sense it does so only for small
widgets.  Putting the tooltip outsize a widget over a certain size (just
what that size is I'm not exactly sure yet) is just broken; it looks
awful and is not what the developer or user would expect.


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