gtk_font_selection widget

Hi all,

While using gtk_font_selection widget (gtk+2)
I don't see the characters for many font families. For
example with songti, fangsongti, zapf dingbats etc font 
family  I get a blanck Preview. 

While with the gtk1.X  gtk_font_selection I am able to 
see the Preview for the above font families. I think this 
is a bug with gtk and got introduced during the porting
(GdkFonts being replaced with Pango).

The problem I am facing is When I try to  
set the font  in "Desktop Preference" for the above 
mentioned font families. All text in the desktop  disapears.
And I can't  do anything as I don't see any text (even in 
the font selector).
Should I file a bug in gtk ?


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