Re: GTK+ Modules and GDK

On Wed, 2002-06-19 at 17:44, Joel Becker wrote:
> > This is reminiscent of the situation with 'headless Java' which was a
> > major PITA for a long time.  Lots of folks wanted to use Java apps
> > server-side, conversion utilities, etc. but couldn't unless there was a
> > valid DISPLAY.  The workaround is usually Xvfb, to create a virtual
> > display.  However that may conflict with our accessibility support.
> 	But these Java apps were text-only.  I can certainly understand
> how a text-only app (say, server-side something or other) would not
> require a display.  I saw this with Java way back when as well, and I
> agree it was silly.  But it is one thing to say "Java shouldn't require
> a display." and quite another to say "AWT and Swing shouldn't require a
> display."  I agree with the former, I can't see the latter.

Totally OT, but server-side Java code only requires a $DISPLAY if the
code was using java.awt.Image objects, i.e. doing image manipulation.

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