Re: GTK+ ported to Nano-X


Johnny Fung <jfung emsoftltd com> writes:

> NanoGTK Version 1.0 has been Released. NanoGTK is a port of GTK+ to
> Nano-X.
> The release consists of a complete environment for developing and
> running
> GTK+ applications in Nano-X on top of X Windows. The port is done in
> such
> a way that NanoGTK does not provide its own programming API. In stead,
> the
> GTK+ programming API and also the Nano-X programming API are maintained.
> Therefore, many existing GTK+ applications can be run in Nano-X without
> modification.
> A binary version and also full source codes are available for free
> download.
> To see the full story, please read the article at:

congratulations, but you could at least have mentioned on which GTK+
version this port is based. After some searching I found that it is
gtk+-1.2.7 (which was released in early 2000).

What I found mildly amusing is that the homepage claims that GDK_COPY
is unsupported as a drawing mode. That's the most commonly used
drawing mode in GDK and is used to draw almost everything on the
screen. Does this mean the screen stays blank?

Salut, Sven

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