While attempting to embed a zvt widget into an application, I've begun to
noticed potentially undocumented changes.  Previously, a zvt widget
could be attached to a defacto glade generated gnome-1.4 app via the
following calls worked fine:

zvtterm = zvt_term_new_with_size(200, 200);
gtk_object_set_data_full(GTK_OBJECT(app), "zvtterm",
                            zvtterm, (GtkDestroyNotify) gtk_widget_unref);

pack the box it's in and setup a callback for the child_died:

gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(zvtterm), "child_died",
                     GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(delete_event), zvtterm);

lastly, launch a program via forkpty ...

In GNOME-2 or rather libzvt-2.0 (1.999999) the focus of zvt widget is
not initially set when embedded into a glade-2 generated gnome_app
(completely external of glade-2 itself but merely using the generated
code as a template for those that might want to try this at home).  The
zvt widget can have focus set by using the tab key to 'tab' focus the
widget, but must now need something more, or I've found a bug.  I'd love
to have an example of where I've gone wrong.

Note: ultimately my application will be more than just a gnome_app with
an embedded zvt widget, but this is a highly simplified version of what
I'm aiming for.

    -James Moss

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