Re: pkg-config support for linux-x-mingw cross compile tools

On 2002.06.17 17:26 James Henstridge wrote:
> J. Ali Harlow wrote:
> >Thanks, Havoc. I've opened bug 85627, but I have been unable to
> >attach the patch to it. Using either Mozilla or Netscape ask me
> >for my password every time and then complain about an empty file.
> >
> >Any ideas?
> >  
> >
> Don't disable cookies.

I've got cookies enabled for "the originating web site only". currently has the following cookies stored:

Bugzilla_login, Bugzilla_logincookie, LASTORDER, PLATFORM,
VERSION-glib, VERSION-pkg-config, BUGLIST.

There doesn't seem to be a password in that lot, but it would
be a little odd if that was the only one missing. A quick try
with cookies enabled unconditionally didn't help.

I suppose the problem could be with one of the firewalls and
web caches between me and bugzilla, but there's not much I can
do about that.

Ali Harlow                              Email: ali avrc city ac uk
Research programmer                     Tel:   (020) 7040 4348
Applied Vision Research Centre          Intl: +44 20 7040 4348
City University                         Fax:   (020) 7040 5515
London                                  Intl: +44 20 7040 5515

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