Re: pkg-config support for linux-x-mingw cross compile tools

On 2002.06.17 16:50 Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> pkg-config patches should go on for tracking. 
> Tor would probably have to comment on this one though.

Thanks, Havoc. I've opened bug 85627, but I have been unable to
attach the patch to it. Using either Mozilla or Netscape ask me
for my password every time and then complain about an empty file.

Any ideas?

Ali Harlow                              Email: ali avrc city ac uk
Research programmer                     Tel:   (020) 7040 4348
Applied Vision Research Centre          Intl: +44 20 7040 4348
City University                         Fax:   (020) 7040 5515
London                                  Intl: +44 20 7040 5515

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