Re: Pango / Freetype Conflict

Cool, that was the prb, thanks.  What does recompiling Pango do?  Does
it generate different code based on the version of FT available?

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Subject: Re: Pango / Freetype Conflict

> Hi,
> "Tapan S. Parikh" <tap2k yahoo com> writes:
> > Im having a problem compiling Gtk2 programs.  I think this is due
> > some version inconsistency btwn pango and freetype.  Currently I
> > pango-1.03 installed and freetype-2.0.9.  What could be happening?
> > Should I upgrade freetype, or downgrade pango?  Do I need
> > Here are the error messages, four or five undefined symbols:
> looks like you have changed the freetype version and didn't
> Pango. Recompiling Pango should fix the problem.
> Salut, Sven

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