Re: Building glib under HP-UX 10.20

Atro Tossavainen <atossava cc helsinki fi> writes:

> I managed to build glib 2.0.4 on HP-UX with HP ANSI C by setting
> CFLAGS=-Ae so that "long long" became available.
> Make went through without a hitch, so I made install as well.
> Only when I was going to compile atk, pango, &c. against this new
> version did I notice that the permissions on glib-mkenums were not
> set correctly (it was mode 600), and more importantly, that the
> glib-genmarshal program had not been produced at all.  Consequently,
> compiling further packages that need glib became rather difficult.
> I rebuilt glib using gcc, copied the glib-genmarshal program to the
> install directory, and the problem went away.

Again, do you have any idea why these happened? Can you file
bug reports to track the issue?


I apologize that you have to create a Bugzilla account to
file a bug report, but:

 - If we don't have bugs in a bug tracker, it's impossible
   to keep track of them properly. Plus other people with
   similar problems couldn't search for them.

 - If we didn't require people to create an account before
   filing a bug report, it would be very hard to do
   followups on bugs, deal with email address changes etc.

It's really very easy, and you can have your web broswer
remember your password, or just have Bugzilla mail it to
you if you need to access your account later.

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