Re: gtk_font_selection widget

Joe Pfeiffer <pfeiffer cs nmsu edu> writes:

> Keith Packard writes:
>  > 
>  > Which just encourages me to suggest that Gtk's default be switched from 
>  > core fonts to Xft sooner rather than later.  Someone should hack Pango to 
>  > let gnome-terminal work though.
> This is probably the wrong list for this, but it came up here...  this
> query leads me to ask what the reason was for the change in font
> selection dialog between versions 1.4 and 2.0 of gnome-terminal:  I
> found it much easier to make a selection in 1.4; in fact, when I try
> to select the -etl-fixed- font, it decides to use the koi-8 encoding,
> which doesn't allow the point size I like...

I think that gnome-terminal build with libzvt doesn't use the GTK+
font selector any more; you'd be better off asking on one
of the GNOME lists.


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