Re: gdk-pixbuf/; Win32 DLL names

At 00:22 28.02.02 +0200, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>2002-02-27  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>
>	* gdk-pixbuf/ : new file to include
>	  version resource
>I assume that was a typo, shouldn't it be called
It was a typo. Should I simply remove the file and add it again.
(Would like to call it and the library gdk-pixbuf instead of the
underscore but that's fine with me too.)
> and libtool produce a DLL called libgdk_pixbuf-x.y-z.dll,
>Hans's makefile.msc builds gdk_pixbuf-x.y.dll. (Where x,y,z are
>currently 1,3,15.) Are you willing to change...?  
I'm still convinced that the 'final' libraries  should be called
gtk-win32-2.0 and the like instead of gtk-win32-2 0- LT_CURRENT_MINUS_AGE@
which is used as internal name. 
One of the reasons I added the resource was to distinguish DLL versions 
which are ABI compatible and are all called gdk-pixbuf-2.0.dll 
(Yeah beating dead horses :-) Reference is:

>Otherwise the
>InternalName and OriginalFilename strings in the version resource will
>be wrong for one of us... (But so it is already in for example
>gtk/, which uses the libtool-style
>libgtk-win32-x.y-z.dll, while Hans's builds a
I don't see it as a problem if the internal name does not match
the real dll name.

>I guess we need to get some word from Owen on which DLL naming style
>should be the officially sanctioned, or whether such a decision is
>needed at all? 
It would be highly appreciated ...

>Is it a good thing that my and Hans's DLLs are
>differently named, in case they at some time develop
>incompatibilities, and both of us distribute them with apps?
We are doing it since about two years and at least I've never 
heard any complains about it. Though on the one hand I've tried
to keep my versions binary compatible (except adding entry points)
and on the other hand always recommended to put the DLLs into the 
bin directory of the app (here dia/bin).

[And never managed to create a working Dia compiled with mingw]


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