Translation of Control/Shift/etc in menus (was Re: A bunch of UI issues)

fre 2002-02-01 klockan 19.29 skrev Gregory Merchan:
> >  60590 Keyboard shortcuts displayed in menus should be translated
> > 
> >   Translation of Control/Shift/etc in menus.
> Ouch. It should match the keyboard. Let's make an X extension if we can't
> do it already! ;-D

As long as X doesn't know what keys are named on different layouts, I
think this is the best that can be done. As an example, the Ctrl key is
named "Strg" (short for "Steuerung") on German keyboards, but currently
GTK+ always shows "Ctrl" in the menus regardless of what the key is
actually named on the keyboard.

If the German localization of GTK+ could translate "Ctrl" into "Strg",
this would at least solve the issue for the users of the German
localization, and so on. I think this is the best that can be done at
the moment. The day X itself knows about and can be queried about
different names of keys on different layouts, this design can be


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