Re: possible NULL dereference bugs in libgtkhtml

Hi Padraig,
Well I am aware of some of the bugs, even tried to fix some
of them in the past :) . But could not do much cause of absence
of a active maintainer. Life is now easy with you being actively
maintaining it :) .
While doing the evaluation or triaging the bugs, could I get the
bugzilla updates on the bugs. It will be helpful in finding and
fixing atleast the critical bugs, before the release.


Padraig O'Briain wrote:

I am not sufficiently familiar with Gtkhtml2 to answer your questions.

My interest in Gtkhtml2 is because of its use in yelp and as far as I know none of the issues in Gtkhtml2 seriously impact yelp.

I will make releases and evaluate proposed patches.

There have been a number of crasher bugs reported in balsa and in nautilus when using Gtkhtml2. I have had a quick look at these but have not found the cause yet.


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I volunteered for this a few weeks ago.
That's great. Could you send a status update on GtkHTML2 ?
Is it considered stable, or beta, or alpha ?

Are there some known major deficiencies, or only some specific issues ?


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