Re: GnomeDateEdit replacement

Sebastian Rittau <srittau jroger in-berlin de> writes:

> Rationale
> =========
> I've got a beef with GnomeDateEdit. Actually not a beef, but a whole
> cattle-herd. I will go into detail later. To overcome my problems with
> GnomeDateEdit, I have to reimplement the widget for my GNOME 2 port
> (basically a reimplementation) of GNOME-PIM. But since I hate code
> reduplication, I'm offering to discuss a reimplementation of
> GnomeDateEdit in either libgnomeui or in gtk+ (where it does belong,
> IMO).

I've been planning a rewrite of GnomeDateEdit for a while.  I've been
driven crazy by it's limitations.  The big feature I want is the ability
to have 'unknown' fields.  For example, I'd like to be able to just
specify 'January, 1932, or even just '1488'.  

> For the sake of argument I'm going to call the reimplementation
> GpwDateTime (gpw = GNOME-PIM Widget, don't ask...), but think of it
> as if I was proposing a GnomeDateTime or GtkDateTime widget.

I don't know what Owen thinks about accepting this for inclusion in
GTK+, but I'd love to see it.  Additionally, there's a new Combo widget
slated for landing in libegg.  We may want to look into using that as a
basis for writing it.


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