Re: What is a non-editable spinbutton?

> It was pointed out to me that currently a non-editable GtkSpinButton 
> is inconsistent ... you can change its value using the mouse to
> click on the buttons, but not with the keyboard.
> Which way should it be? Is a non-editable spinbutton not editable
> at all, or just not editable by editing the contents of the entry?
> I suspect the second is more useful, though I think its basically
> never right to make a spinbutton not-editable.

A non-editable spinbutton should not be editable at all. If you need
a spinbutton with a read-only entry, you should just make the entry
readonly (though I don't know if gtkspinbutton has an api for that 
short of poking in the widget internals). I can imagine readonly
spinbuttons to make sense if they become readonly as part of changing
some other settings in a larger dialog. 


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