Re: What is a non-editable spinbutton?

Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes:

> > Which way should it be? Is a non-editable spinbutton not editable
> > at all, or just not editable by editing the contents of the entry?
> > I suspect the second is more useful, though I think its basically
> > never right to make a spinbutton not-editable.
> Ultimately a spin button is no more than a text box with a limited range
> of values to stop the user typing in something invalid.  Therefore I'd
> say that when it's disabled, you shouldn't be able to change its value
> either by typing or by using the spin buttons.

Note that disabled (grayed out) is not the same as
non-editable. Non-editable means the text part of the spinbutton is
set to be non-editable. A normal text box can be set to be
non-editable when it is used as a display. I agree with Owen that it
doesn't make sense to make a spinbutton non-editable.

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