Looking for docs bugs volunteer

I'm wondering if anyone wants to volunteer to help out with
docs bugs. We currently have about 60 docs bugs open:


Which makes up a substantial portion of our open bugs on
near-term milestones.

A lot of these are really trivial. E.g., something like:


Other bugs are not trivial but still not a lot of work ... e.g:


Then there are some really major items in there as well, say:


But those can be ignored.

What I'm looking for is someone to:

 - Go ahead and fix trivial stuff. (Despite the 2.0.x 
   milestones for a lot of these, I think we probably
   should just fix stuff on the HEAD branch of GTK+ to
   keep things simple.)

 - Turn medium-scale docs bugs into patches to submit for

This probably requires someone who:

 - Has a good familiarity with GTK+ programming.

 - Is able to read GTK+ function implementations and figure 
   out what they really do when there is a question.

But it shouldn't require any deep knowledge of GTK+ internals.

If you want to work on this and don't have a CVS account 
currently, we can get you one.


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