Re: Custom GdkColormap from X Colormap

At Mon,  5 Aug 2002 01:03:36 -0400 (EDT),
Owen Taylor wrote:
> Issue of gdx_colormap_get() is tracked in:
> The first idea about a replacement I had was:
>  GdkColormap *gdk_x11_colormap_foreign_new (Display *display,
>                                             Visual   visual, 
>                                             Colormap colormap);

I see. Do you think to fix it in future 2.0.x release?

> Why would you want gdk_colormap_sync(), gdk_colormap_add()
> to be exported?

I think if the internal functions would be exported, I could implement
custom GdkColormap in a way of something hack until
gdk_x11_colormap_foreign_new() is provided.

I want to implement 

  * RGB colormap sharing using ICCCM conventions
  * Color index colormap includes a special transparent index for overlay

> Do people actually use non-true-color visuals with 3D applications
> (except on obsolete SGI hardware...) ?

Yes. OpenGL applications sometimes use 8-bit or 2-bit color index mode
visuals for overlay.


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