Custom GdkColormap from X Colormap


I've working on an OpenGL support library for GTK2, and I'm faced with
a GdkColormap problem.

I want to implement the RGB colormap shareing support using
XmuLookupStandardColormap() and XGetRGBColormap().  But I cannot do it
because gdkx_colormap_get() is not yet fixed, and current GDK doesn't
allow us to create and add custom GdkColormap associate with X Colormap.

Does anybody have an idea to fix gdkx_colormap_get() function?

And then, I would suggest changing the internal GdkColormap stuffs such
as gdk_colormap_sync(), gdk_colormap_add(), etc. to be exported.
If GDK allowed us to call them, we could create custom GdkColormap
from X Colormap and register it.

What do you think of it?


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