Re: GTK+ HEAD and Pango HEAD

Arnaud Charlet wrote:
Thanks for your feedback.

If people are really interested in GTK+-2.0 on X11R5, the right
thing to is probably to check for X11R6, and if not present
disable the X11R6 specific functions and gtkimcontextxim.

That would be useful.

On the other hand, X11R6 was released on May 2, 1994, over 8
years ago, and 2 years before development of GTK+ started...

And some people are still using Solaris 2.5.1 in 2002

And some of us are using X-terminals that in general work extremely well
and will probably never die, and it's nice that gnome/gtk+ in general
support them.  

I would be kinda frustrated if I had to replace my company
full of ultra-reliable, low power consumption X-Terminals with PC's (and
yes, most of these were manufactured just prior to the time X11R6 was

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