Re: GNOME CVS: gtk+ menesis

gnomecvs cvs gnome org (Gnome CVS User) writes:

> CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnome
> Module name:	gtk+
> Changes by:	menesis	02/08/02 17:58:55
> Modified files:
> 	gtk            : Tag: gtk-2-0 gtkitemfactory.h 
> Log message:
> 2002-08-02  Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis delfi lt>
> * gtkitemfactory.h: prototypes with no parameters must be
> defined as (void), not ()

Please revert, ASAP. This breaks the ABI of GTK+ for
some versions of g++, and the API of GTK+ for C. 

The question is not how the API _should_ be, but what
it can be while maintaining compatibility.

See README.cvs-commmits for GTK+:

0) Ask first. If your changes are major, or could possibly break existing
   code, you should always ask. If your change is minor and you've
   been working on GTK+ for a while it probably isn't necessary
   to ask. But when in doubt, ask. Even if your change is correct,
   somebody may know a better way to do things.


This is double, triply, important when you think about changing
a header file.


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