Re: More gdk backends?

Mudrony László <mudry infosrv tech klte hu> writes:

> For now I just want to hear your general opinions, a simple 
> "Yeah, seems a good idea, join and start writing it" or a "Yeah, we may
> do it in some future release", or "Sorry, it won't work that simple" or
> maybe a "Not at all, this is ortogonal to our plans", or "We don't think
> that GDK will fit that purpose, but we dont mind" answer will do.
> I just want to decide that i need to write my own GUI or not. 
> It would be real cool for example to have 

I don't think we have anything against an OpenGL or SDL based
backend. But I would warn, that writing and maintaining
a GDK backend is Hard. As Tor, or Hans, or Sven would tell

 - There aren't any docs.
 - There really isn't any clean "interface" between the GDK backend
   and the rest of GDK.
 - There is no fallback structure for what operations the backend
   implements ... every backend needs to implement all of it
 - What interface there is between the backend and the rest of 
   GDK changes a lot (hopefully less in the 2.2 => 2.4 timescale, then
   previously), and it's a lot of work to keep a backend in
   sync with that.


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