xinerama and bin compat

i recently upgraded pango/gtk to HEAD on my osx laptop, and ran into a
snag (well, other than no text being drawn when i use GDK_USE_XFT=1).

i built gdk w/ xinerama support.  however, on my system xinerama is
supplied as a static library (rhl 7.3 is the same).  the problem is that
the xinerama calls don't get linked into gdk, so when i run an app i

        jacob localhost:jacob$ gimp
        dyld: gimp-1.3 Undefined symbols:
(ignore the _'s)

which pretty much seems like breaking bin compat ;)

talking to jamesh, it seems this will be a problem on some platforms but
not others - it depends on what libtool/the linker decide to do.

for now, i've gotten around this by building Xinerama.c in my gdk, but
was wondering if there was a planned solution for this, or if it's a new

 - jacob

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