Re: Shipping L10Nized gtkrc with gtk+ 2.0?

"R.I.P. Deaddog" <maddog deaddog org> writes:

> On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, ha shao wrote:
> > Should gtk+2.0 ship a set of default l10nized gtkrc files just like
> > gtk+1.2 series? or is it the job of the system distributors'
> > job to include a set of gtkrc with their gtk+ installations?
> It has actually been decided that no localized gtkrc files
> will be shipped along with gtk+, since it's various
> distributions' job to make them. In reality, this seems
> also true.

localized gtkrc files, while supported, are not meant to be used to
configure fonts; the main projected use is localized icon themes.

We are hoping for now that localized pangox.aliases or XftConfig won't
be necessary.

For the X backend, the order of encoding lookup is determined by the
locale; so if the list of patterns your pangox.aliases contains both
GB2312 and Big5 fonts, then if your locale is zh_TW, the Big5
fonts will be favored, if zh_CN, GB2312 fonts are preferred.

For Xft, right now, we just use the first font matched in
the pattern, but the expectation is that in the future
we'll also be modifying the search order based on the locale.

> > For example, without a default gtkrc.zh_CN, on my
> > Debian unstable machine, which has arphic's Chinese TTF 
> > installed, I cannot display the GB2312 string "" (we).
> > The 2nd character is missing. Because somehow, another
> > font which has some Hanzi glyphs is used by default.
> > But apparently the font has no simplified Chinese glyphs
> > (So the font is most likely a Big5 font.)
> I encountered similar problem (big5 characters are not
> shown) -- the default font becomes a Korean or Japanese
> font, however.
> Is it that gtk+ uses whatever font supplied by Xft instead
> of deciding on it's own?

When using Xft, the standard "sans", "serif", and "monospace"
aliases are configured in /etc/X11/XftConfig. 

The default GTK+ font, unless overriden by XSETTINGS
or ~/.gtkrc-2.0 is "Sans 10".


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