Re: Shipping L10Nized gtkrc with gtk+ 2.0?

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, ha shao wrote:

> Should gtk+2.0 ship a set of default l10nized gtkrc files just like
> gtk+1.2 series? or is it the job of the system distributors'
> job to include a set of gtkrc with their gtk+ installations?

It has actually been decided that no localized gtkrc files
will be shipped along with gtk+, since it's various
distributions' job to make them. In reality, this seems
also true.

> For example, without a default gtkrc.zh_CN, on my
> Debian unstable machine, which has arphic's Chinese TTF 
> installed, I cannot display the GB2312 string "" (we).
> The 2nd character is missing. Because somehow, another
> font which has some Hanzi glyphs is used by default.
> But apparently the font has no simplified Chinese glyphs
> (So the font is most likely a Big5 font.)

I encountered similar problem (big5 characters are not
shown) -- the default font becomes a Korean or Japanese
font, however.

Is it that gtk+ uses whatever font supplied by Xft instead
of deciding on it's own?

Abel Cheung
GPG Key: (0xC67186FF)

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