Shipping L10Nized gtkrc with gtk+ 2.0?

I don't know if this issue is discussed before. There is no
locale specific gtkrc shipped with gtk+2.0. The problem
is that the default font marching is not good enough.

For example, without a default gtkrc.zh_CN, on my
Debian unstable machine, which has arphic's Chinese TTF 
installed, I cannot display the GB2312 string "" (we).
The 2nd character is missing. Because somehow, another
font which has some Hanzi glyphs is used by default.
But apparently the font has no simplified Chinese glyphs
(So the font is most likely a Big5 font.)

In my /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc.zh_CN, I have to set the default
font_name to "helvetica,song,sans 14" in order to show both
of the characters. And if I only put "song 14" there, the
ugly latin glyphs in the Song font will be used for non-Hanzi
characters. Obviousely, many users will have hard time to figure
out what's going on here and how to fill the right font
name in the right format.

Should gtk+2.0 ship a set of default l10nized gtkrc files just like
gtk+1.2 series? or is it the job of the system distributors'
job to include a set of gtkrc with their gtk+ installations?

I vote at lease a simple set of gtkrc's is included in gtk+2.0.
Because there are always stand-alone binaries of gtk+2.0 for users
to download. These binaries normally only depend on package format.
System distributors can always patch the standard gtkrc to suit
their own system.

If it is decided that gtk+2.0 will ship l10nized gtkrc, I think
the attached gtkrc.zh_CN is good for zh_CN.

Best regard
# $(gtkconfigdir)/gtkrc.zh_CN
# This file defines the fontsets for Chinese language (zh) using
# the simplified chinese standard GuoBiao as in mainland China (CN)
# 1999, Pablo Saratxaga <pablo mandrakesoft com>
# 2002, hashao <hashao hashao hypermart net>

style "gtk-default-zh-cn" {
	font_name = "helvetica,times,courier,Song,Sans, 14"

class "GtkWidget" style "gtk-default-zh-cn"

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