Re: User feedback on Gtk+-2.0!

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 10:13:59AM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Thomas Leonard <tal00r ecs soton ac uk> writes: 
> > A couple of people have suggested that ROX-Filer should turn keybindings
> > on itself, but I think that will lead to inconsitancy with other apps. For
> > now, I've put a warning message in the options box if keybindings are
> > disabled. Oh well. Hopefully once more Gtk+-2.0 applications are out
> > there, people will file bugs against Gtk instead of writing to me ;-)
> We'll just close them.

Fair enough. As long as I don't get to see them.

> See: We are not falling into those
> traps. ;-) Especially #9 which applies in this case.

Looks more like a #4/#6 problem to me ;-)

> See the keybindings editor in gnome-terminal for example. Right Way To
> Do It.

[ Note, Gtk has an option for this, so I'm not really complaining. The
following are my notes on the Right Way To Do It, in case anyone is
interested in user feedback at this point. ]

OK, got gnome-terminal2 compiled (why isn't, etc in
the source package, BTW?).

First of all, I brought up the menu. Tried Edit Current Profile as the
only options-like thing here.

Lots of options (setting the side for the scrollbar? what text to see in
the titlebar?? #7 and #8 violations, surely?)

No option for keys.

Try turning menubar on (maybe this is the default, in which case the
above wrong turn is my own fault).

Edit Keybindings.

Click on 'New Window'. Nothing happens.

Press CTRL-N. 'New Profile' now highlights.

OK, double click 'New Window'. Highlight disappears.

Press CTRL-N. 'New Profile' again. OK, CTRL-N moves to the next entry.

Look for 'Edit' button. Nothing.

Try clicking in the (completely blank) 'Accelerator Key' column.
Highlight disappears again.

Press CTRL-N. Highlight appears in 'Accelerator Key' column, in the entry

Press Return. Nothing happens.

Aha!!! Ctrl-N to the entry you want, then click on the highlight. Message
appears. Press key. Key appears -- yes!!
'Disabled' entries suddenly appear in all other rows, though :-/

Well, it's better than the old gnome-terminal (in that the new keys
actually work). However, that bug aside, this is at least as obscure as
the old system, and considerably slower!

[ Wouldn't it be better to allow double-clicking in the Key column, instead
of the current focus-and-click method? Also, a way to set the keys using
the keyboard might be a good idea ;-) ]

Thomas Leonard
tal00r ecs soton ac uk		tal197 users sourceforge net

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