Re: ScrolledWindow scrolling strategy: follow child widget focus?

> "Bryan W. Headley" <bwheadley earthlink net> writes:
> > >>I rigged something at the child widget level, which fires off on
> > >>focus_in, checks it's position vis-a-vis what the HAdjustment and/or
> > >>the the VAdjustment widgets are set to, and moves the scrolled window
> > >>around.
> > No, I'm looking for a Scroll Policy that makes the adjustments happen
> > automagically. So, really, you're looking at calling
> > gtk_container_real_set_focus_child() being called as a part of the
> > child's "focus-in" default callback
> Have you tried using those functions? Have you looked at the example
> in testgtk? I can't see how the behavior differs from what you are
> describing.

I would love to see this become the default behavior, it seems like
what you would want in almost all cases, and would greatly
improve keynav for forms in scrollpanes.

> Regards,
>                                         Owen

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