Re: Big GDK cleanup

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:    
> We simply can't go around breaking binary compatibility every 6
> months, or every year, and I can't see waiting a couple of years for
> another release. There are a bunch of issues we can and should fix in
> the short term:
>  - Multihead suport
>  - File selector widget
>  - Replacement for OPtionMenu and ComboBox
>  - Action based menu API 
> These are all straightforward API additions, and there should
> be no problem at all doing them in a binary compatible fashion.

While as you said we shouldn't get into a huge discussion here ;-) 
 - one way we can get this release out faster might be to leave 
glib/pango/atk frozen, that is, only increment the GTK version and
only add stuff to GTK.


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