more native font charsets for pango x renderer(#50633)


I have not got either approval or objection about this patch.
Allow me one more try...  Is the patch okay to commit?

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Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 15:59:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: HideToshi Tajima <hidetoshi tajima eng sun com>
Subject: more native font charsets for pango x renderer(#50633)
To: gtk-devel-list gnome org


I have code change in pango x-renderer to support more native
encoded font for jisx0212, jisx0201 and big5 charsets.

The code change is attached to the bugzilla reference #50633,
at the following URL:

Please review and let me know if this is okay to commit.

We can get some more Unicode code tables from the - 
for CNS11643(1, 2 and 15 planes) and 8859-16. They can be also added in
the similar way if necessary.

In addition, native font charsets used in zh_CN.GB18030/zh.GBK locales
may be added if there are Unicode code tables for these charsets, 
gb18030, and gdk1988.1989(?).


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